Tattoos Info & Bookings


I currently take bookings through email [email protected] or Instagram Messages @pokelott

Flash designs are on my Instagram. Checkout my highlights to see which designs are still available. 
Majority of my flash designs are non - repeatable. However, if a design that you really like has already been taken, do not hesitate to reach out as I can usually draw something similar for you :)

To book in flash all you have to do is send me (DM or email) a screenshot of the design you are after, along with the rough size and placement you have in mind for it. 
I will get back to you with a rough quote and once a $30 deposit* has been made I can reserve the design for you. 

I love the process of working with people to make their tattoo idea or story come to life. Whether it is riddled in symbolism or a simple image you may want to see drawn until it feels right to you - I always do my best to work on a design until we come up with something that you love.

If you would like to book in a custom work with me, please DM or email with the idea you have in as much detail as possible, as well as the preferred size, placement and any images you have. (please refrain from sending other tattooists' designs, I will only work within my own practice) I will then get back to you with my thoughts on the piece and if I think it is fitting with my style. If I agree to take it on we can go from there :) I require a non-refundable deposit* of $60 and proof of transaction before we start the process.


* Any deposits made are non-refundable. 
The deposited amount goes towards the admin process of bookings and holding your chosen design/time slot.
If for some reason you cannot make it to your appointment and would like to reschedule, no additional deposit is required so long as you message me with at least 72 hours notice. Any last minute appt changes or cancellations will not be refunded. Please keep this in mind when booking with me.
For custom deposits, If you happen to decide not to go ahead with getting the tattoo (which btw is totally fine, I would never want you to feel pressured into getting it done) this just ensures I am being compensated for my time spent designing.

As I tend to tattoo quite quickly, I charge based on the complexity of the design and the size/placement rather than by the hour. My minimum is $100, however this may change when it is a teeny tiny tattoo. I want my tattoos to be available to everyone so I aim to be budget friendly. I always quote the price of the tattoo prior to the session. Only changes to the size or design itself will incur a change to the price but this will be communicated with you before the tattoo begins. 

I just want to note that majority of the time, when you claim one of my designs, that design is now yours and yours only forever. I love the idea of everyone walking away with their own unique piece. So keep in mind that you are also purchasing an original piece of art, that is then also being applied to your body.. how bloody cool is that.

Thank you so much for looking to book in with me <3  Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have!